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Over the years (and there have been a lot of them!) I have had the incredible gift of working with a lot of businesses. From small "mom and pop" operations to large, multi-national organizations. The one thing that I have found in common with all of them is that they want to be treated with respect. The $500 that a small business spends is just as important to them as $5million is to large corporation (maybe more so) but they all want to feel like they have a partner, a friend, a confidant...someone who has SKIN in the game. That's our approach at J29. We won't take a client that we can't help or who has a need that is beyond our expertise.

Every project starts with a conversation...not a sales pitch! We are not the guys who show up with the best Dog and Pony show (where do you even get a pony anyway and how do you get it into a board room!?!?) We want to do business with people that talk to us...not at us and we think our clients feel the same way.

So if you are tired of Digital Marketing Companies telling you what they can do by using words that you are not sure are even real words, give us a call today. Let's have coffee and talk about the most important thing...your business and your success.


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