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Why Social Media Marketing in
Jupiter is Important

Let's start with the obvious question. WHY? Why do I need social media content? Does it really even matter? Short answer...

YES...Social Media Matters

When your business or organization posts to social media, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! stand up and take notice.  Having a regular presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter helps search engines know that your company is a legitimate resource for potential customers. Plus, regular, consistent communication with customers shows search engines that you are a legitimate brand. More than 76 percent of companies use social media to boost their SEO rankings and improve customer loyalty. With the right social media marketing strategy, you can establish your Jupiter company as a trusted resource.

BUT regular posting on Social Media channels is a lot like exercise resolutions every New Year. Many organizations decide to do it themselves and they are REALLY good for the first 3 weeks. Then they get busy. Maybe posting 5x per week goes to 3x and then 2x and then every other week. Pretty soon, it's been 3 months and your social feed is like the treadmill...just gathering dust!

We never let your social media feeds get stale. Our social media marketing team researches and creates engaging posts that reach your customers where they live, online! 

Social Media Management

  • We submit multiple posts every week to Facebook and Twitter. We can also add in Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn. It is always content that matters and we post in a manner that also helps your SEO. Your social media platforms will stay current, helping to improve customer loyalty and to connect with new prospects.

  • We search the web for interesting articles, photos, and videos to make your social feeds stand out. Our specifically trained social media marketing managers in Jupiter will create custom posts and graphics to keep your followers engaged. 

  • In addition to frequent posts, we optimize your profile page to attract search engines and potential customers. We find the most relevant information to your business and put it all in one convenient place, boosting your search rankings.


And that's just the start!
We provide social media marketing, content writing, and branding for businesses of all sizes in Jupiter and the surrounding communities. Contact J29 Marketing today and let's get SOCIAL. 

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