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Where are we going?

Would you ever leave for a trip with no idea where you were going?

Street Sign showing lost and Very lost
Marketing Strategy sign showing Website design, social media and SEO

Neither Would We! 

But, very often, businesses decide to start on a marketing journey with NO idea where they are going which begs the question; "How do you know when you get there?" 

That's why every client relationship starts with a Marketing Strategy meeting and planning session. A sound marketing plan is more than a piece of paper that you file away, it's your businesses roadmap to success! We will work with you to determine your goals, set realistic benchmarks based on market data and develop an actionable plan to achieve your key objectives. 

J29's Marketing Plan Methodology:

  • Internal

    • Is your company and staff positioned correctly to achieve and execute your business and marketing goals? 

  • External

    • What does your competition, current and potential market and customer base look like?​

  • SOAR Analysis

    • Identifies strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results. It's intended for creative problem solving

  • Tactical Game Plan

    • Data without a strategic plan that outlines your goals, key metrics and steps to reach your business objects is...       Just DATA. (and kind of useless) We put research into action! 


From understanding your business to tactical plan execution, J29 is your partner, confidant and "Brain Storm Buddy" to help you achieve your marketing goals and business objectives.

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