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PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most effective ways for you to reach your potential customers. Why, because it relies on active intent. That means that someone that needs your service or product was actively searching for it. We take that active intent and turn it into action by placing your organization's ad on the same Google page as the search terms they are looking for. Sounds complicated right? Our PPC agency in Jupiter has over 20 years of experience in providing industry-leading pay-per-click campaigns. 

PPC is HIGHLY competitive, and requires smart marketing decisions paired with creative ad development and the best in analytical ingenuity. J29 Marketing works with our Jupiter clients to develop Google AdWords campaigns and focused keyword content to attract interested consumers, and then track those consumers through your sales process. We are able to optimize dozens of variables to help maximize the performance of the AdWords campaigns that we manage: keywords, keyword bids, time of day, day of week, location of prospect, ad copy, mobile vs. PC and many other variables. We squeeze every drop of goodness from AdWords, ensuring that your AdWords budget is as productive as possible.

What makes J29 Marketing Different?

Did you know that most PPC companies don't actually do any work other than billing you monthly. They use software that automatically manages your campaign and bidding process. What makes J29 different and more effective is that we take a hands-on approach to every ad campaign we run. Software can't adjust to the intangible elements of a digital ad campaign. They can't adjust for seasonality, changes in ad buying strategy based on factors like weather in your area, holidays, and more. That means essentially, no one is minding the store. Our Jupiter PPC agency's years of experience puts the human touch on your campaign and we treat it like our own. This translates into a higher ROI and much more successful campaign. 

AdWords Management Summary

  • PPC MANAGEMENT FEES – Below industry average, varied based on budget and complexity.

  • COMPANY INTERVIEW – Set goals, marketing objectives, budgets, etc.

  • WEBSITE EVALUATION – Understand the capabilities of the website, the best landing pages, & identification of possible sales conversion weaknesses.

  • WEBSITE PREPARATION – Installation of sales conversion and traffic analysis code, correction of any problems that may impact sales conversions.

  • KEYWORD RESEARCH – Selection of targeted keywords based on relevancy, demand, and competitiveness.

  • PPC ACCOUNT CREATION – Creation of organized, well-structured PPC accounts, professionally crafted PPC Ads, proper targeting and budgets.

  • CONSERVATIVE CAMPAIGN LAUNCH – A conservative, micro-managed launch to test the campaign, setup, website responsiveness and overall process flow before implementing the full-launch.

  • CAMPAIGN OPTIMIZATION – Optimization encompassing dozens of variables including: keywords, ads, bids, time of day, day of week, location of prospect, desktop vs. mobile and other impactful settings.

  • KEYWORD GROWTH – Identification of new, productive keywords to enable ongoing campaign expansion.


And that's just the start!

Contact J29 Marketing today to start driving leads tomorrow.

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